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ID-X: Ani Klang


ID-X: Taking a closer look at the lives of creators

As a part of Loudly's ID-X documentary series we spent a day with hyper-innovator Ani Klang, discussing her creative processes and how they link to struggles with anxiety. 'The Power of Ugly Sounds' also explores Ani's artistic motives, cross-genre output, and her arsonist's perception of the modern music industry.

After making her debut into the world of deconstructed club music on Infinite Machine in late 2017, Klang is now releasing her latest genre-blending EP 'BURN THE EMPIRE', out November 6th via Russian label Hyperboloid Records.

Watch ID-X: The Power of Ugly Sounds here:

A graduate of the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in New York, Ani Klang’s productions weave colossal kick drums with intricate sound design. Her fiercely energetic club tracks are wrapped in layer upon layer of demonic, distorted samples sequestered from an inspired range of analog and internet-based sources.

As a DJ, she reliably brings the hardest sounds of club music fusion to the dance floor. Ani Klang’s music invigorates, innovates, and infuriates the blossoming genre of experimental club music.

Ani Klang Burn The Empire

Since debuting ‘BURN THE EMPIRE’ at Berghain at CTM Festival’s 20th Anniversary and her subsequent first international tour through the UK and US in 2019, she has been hard at work running her monthly radio show ‘Klangxiety Attack’ on Reform Radio (the debut episode of which was listed as one of the top mixes of 2018 by FACT). She has also provided exclusive mixes for Boiler Room, FACT, The Lot Radio, No Shade, Scramble.Korea, Warsaw-based collective MESTICO, and more. She was also selected as one of 18 rising artists on Berlin Music Commission’s annual “Listen to Berlin” compilation in 2018.

When she’s not bringing her cross-genre sound to dance floors around the world, she designs sound effects and original compositions for independent short films, serves as a lighting and sound engineer at local Berlin venues, and live-streams her Ableton production sessions on Twitch.