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Loudly AI Studio adds new app features


Loudly have this week launched a range of exciting new features within the AI Music Studio app.

Subscribers to Loudly’s Patreon page can now access an updated UI with accelerated track creation flow, new features including an in-app song library, and improvements in the general performance of the app.

The song library allows users to save their favourite track creations, which were previously only available for export. Forthcoming updates will allow users to edit and export tracks in the song library. Currently export formats include MP3, WAV, and OGG. 

Once subscribed to Loudly’s Patreon, users can access a download link for the AI Studio and immediately experiment with the AI; gain access to Loudly's mix packs across 12 genres including Trap, EDM, Dubstep and Techno, and use the Variation feature to create rapid and numerous versions of their music. The Auto Shuffle function now presents users with 7 pre-selected loops upon startup, which can either be added to or removed for quick and easy music creation.

Available exclusively via Patreon, Loudly AI Studio is the first step in delivering a fully functioning creative music tool based on Loudly's unique AI technology.

Follow this link to download the update to the app and enjoy these new features: https://bit.ly/LoudlyAIStudio